Let’s have a frank conversation.

Frankenmuth is committed to building a best-in-class surety practice.

When you’re evaluating a long-term bond relationship, bona fides matter. They speak to the integrity and stability of the commitment your surety has made, which is why it’s important to review and verify a surety company’s credentials before you commit.

Here’s where we stand:

Frankenmuth is listed on the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s listing of approved sureties with an underwriting limit of $76,806,000.

Frankenmuth Surety’s financial strength is illustrated by an AM Best Rating of “A” (Excellent), and a Financial Size Category of “X” (i.e., $500 million to $750 million policyholder surplus).

Frankenmuth is currently licensed to write surety in 47 states with the exception of Alaska, California and Hawaii.

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