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Our Experience

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We work hard to back your true value.

Frankenmuth Surety is new to the industry, and that’s to your advantage. Often, a fresh perspective is just what’s needed to help your business overcome barriers and optimize success. And because we’re not interested in doing things the way they’ve always been done, we’re constantly innovating and evolving with your business.

Still, we’ve got deep roots. We’re part of Frankenmuth Insurance, a widely respected, more than 150-year-old mutual company represented by more than 600 independent agents across 15 states.

Our strategy is showing.

We’re out to prove something. It’s why we consistently dig deeper and exhaust all available resources to identify value in your business. We realize that trust is earned over time by consistently generating results. That’s what a “go to” market does. You’ll find that we work harder and find value where others see none.